Thursday, 30 January 2014


SAVARAB is an Art and Literature Magazine Blog. It covers the stories, interviews and reviews about contemporary visual arts, dance, song, movies, poem, story, and novels.

Building of this blog is inspired by the works of a few artists like Sami Beigi, Hossein Eblis, Zedbazi , Shahin Najafi, Niaz Nawab and Golshifteh Farahani.
Asaf Avidan, an exceptional icon from Israel too couldn't be added to this list at this time as another representative of Middle East. And not to forget obviously mentioning Lorde who wins the song of the year for 'royals' at 2014 GRAMMY AWARDS, beating Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. And at the end Stromae from Belgium with his FORMIDABLE (fogholadeh) which was really wonderful. 
Each of these artists represent different culture, different interest and different style of work. They are yet the mirror of the actual society.

Most of them have lived both at their home town in childhood and then in western countries; so they reflect both east and west.

Our choice of artists to introduce will be based on their creativity, quality, experience and novelty. Educated and experienced artists along with honesty who are just themselves and don’t follow the main stream styles are the ones who could have their real place in art and literature community.

The name of SAVARAB (water rider) is a synonym for bubble in Persian language. The concept of riding over the water sounds joyful, but it is intended for risky achievements, tasks which nonetheless are not trustful and not secure. Any time the bubble could break. But, on the other hand another bubble would be created; another hope, a sign of a light of life. This is how the concept of the life might be meant.

SAVARAB will be appreciated if a significant artist or writer would be introduced to us by our readers. And we would be honored to present that artist to the other viewers of SAVARAB blog after valuation. SAVARAB will reserve, however, the right of right choice for introducing the artists and authors.

One Face Book page and one Web Page will be created shortly under the name of SAVARAB to present as better as possible the activities of SAVARAB blog.  

Collaboration of artists and art & literature journalists and writers with this blog would be very welcome.

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